Bingo 30

Bingo 30 is the whizz kid of the bingo scene, known for its speed of play, high thrill action and momentum. This is the online bingo variant that stars only 30 balls, but is taking the bingo world and all the millions of players by storm. In a nutshell, it’s all about quick gameplay, adrenaline and big, real money prizes. Keep reading to find out why you should try your luck with Bingo 30 and how to make sure you’re in with the best chance of walking away with the jackpot.

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How to Play and Win Bingo 30 Balls

online-bingo-30-ballWith Bingo 30, it’s best not to turn away- even for a second- or you’ll miss all of the contest in the blink of an eye. Instead, stay glued to your phone or computer as only 30 balls tumble down to decide the winner of the game.

Players love Bingo 30 Balls and it’s not surprising as it is the fastest bingo game out there, which means the prizes come thick and fast when you’re playing Bingo 30. As the name indicates, there are only 30 balls in play.

To start playing you’ll need to buy one or a few Bingo 30 cards (see below for our bingo cards buying tips) then hang in for a few moments until the bingo caller starts the game. When a number is called and you have it on your bingo card/s simply blot it off or pre-set the bingo software to do this for you. Having the Bingo 30 software daub for you is particularly helpful if you’ve brought more than one card as it will help you stay on top of the action in this fast-paced bingo variant.

There are only three ways to win Bingo 30:


Bingo Online 30 Card Structure

The Bingo 30 card is the smallest bingo card from all the other bingo variants, it is made up of a 3×3 square, containing only 9 numbers. Every square on the card is filled and the first column has the numbers 1-10, second 11-20 and the third 21-30.

Comparably, the Bingo 30 card is like a smaller version of Bingo 75, except there’s no winning patterns. The size of the card and quick playing time makes Bingo 30 Balls more suited to mobile players and those short on time, in fact, many players hitting the top prizes in Bingo 30 are doing so on the go.

Winning Tips for Bingo 30 Balls

If you’re looking to improve your gameplay and play bingo strategically, experienced players know, there isn’t anything you can do to make the balls work in your favour. This is because the game is totally random, the results are created by an RNG (random number generator) and all the software is created by licensed companies who test the software before it is rolled out. However, as a game of chance, you can increase your winning odds by following some of our OBG expert tips:

  1. Play More Cards: Playing more cards is one of the most well-known ways to increase your winning odds with Bingo 30 and it is a beautifully simple strategy. With every card you add, you increase the chances of being the first winner to make a line, two lines or a full house. Think of it like this, if there are ten players, each has one card (1/10 chance of being the winner), but you decide to buy two cards then you’ve upped your chances of winning (2/10). Whilst simple, it is important not to go crazy with this strategy and to know when to use it and when not too. Always evaluate if the cost of the cards is worth it in relation to the prizes on offer, is it really worth your investment, or should you pick a better game with lower card costs?
  2. Check the Cards before You Buy Them: The Numbers Games is, of course, all about numbers, so don’t ignore a chance to influence the ones you play. Before you buy your Bingo 30 cards, you can choose, which ones you want and reject others that don’t work for you. As a completely random game, it is best to pick cards with a good spread of numbers from 1-30 rather than a card which has, say all 9 numbers in the 20s.
  3. Know the Rules: Make sure you know the rules of Bingo 30 before you play if you want to up your chances of winning. This eliminates the chances of making game losing and basic errors that wouldn’t have been the case had you just checked the rules with your bingo operator of choice first.
  4. Play during Off-Peak Hours: Continuing from the example above, if you have more players competing for a single Bingo 30 jackpot prize, your odds of being the winner are reduced. Let’s stay there are 100 players instead of 10, each has 1 card. Your chances of winning are now 1/100 instead of 1/10. You’ll find during off-peak hours that there are far fewer players online, which means you have a much-improved chance of winning, so spend some time to investigate the quieter periods at the bingo site you choose to play with. You may also find special rooms or promos running at these times to try and draw more players into a game.
  5. Use Promotions to Your Advantage: Promotions and Bingo Bonuses give you the opportunity to play more bingo for free or for less. It may seem a bit obvious to state, but if you are playing more, you’ll have more opportunities to win so make sure to keep on top of all the latest deals and offers from your bingo site. You’ll be able to sign up to an email newsletter or follow them on social media.
  6. Join in with the Chat: Bingo is, and always has been, about the community. It used to be about people coming together at the bingo hall on a Sunday evening and whilst times may have changed with the turn to online gaming, the drive for community has not. In fact, many would argue that it’s better now as with online bingo, you’ll be rewarded for chatting through bingo chat games. All you need to do is join in the conversation, play a side game or two and you’ll be rewarded with extra account credits, Bingo 30 cards and much more.

Is there a Better Bingo Variant to Play?

bingo-30-ballsWhen it comes to prizes, Bingo 30 is one of the most rewarding variants to play according to players. Due to the speed of the game, people feel like they win more often. The prize amount will depend on where you are playing and for what type of jackpot. Is it a progressive bingo game, where each player contributes to the prize pot or a set jackpot?

You can find both options available for Bingo 30, so it’s up to you to choose what size of prize you want to play for, just keep in mind that the bigger the jackpot, the more players there will be attracted to it

Deciding which bingo game is the best to play from 90, 80, 75 and 30-ball bingo is all about knowing what works for you. Whether you’re a speed freak or prefer a long game, interested in innovative ways to win or love the classic style, the best way to find out is by signing up to the bingo site and using a welcome bonus to play for free. The best bingo variant for you is the one you enjoy the most so get involved and start experimenting and having fun with online bingo.

Where to Play Bingo 30 Balls Online

Bingo 30 is an unmissable variant, it is fresh, fast and highly exciting. However, it can be a little difficult to find it as it is currently not that well-known. This means you’ll have to check out different bingo operators to see if they offer it. If this sounds too much like hard work then you can check the OBG bingo room reviews instead.

We’ll tell you exactly where to find Bingo 30 and the best places to play bingo online. Our specialist reviewers have invested heaps of time combing the internet to give you the very best UK gaming suggestions, bonuses and insider info. There’s nothing quite comparable to an OBG review and recommendation, so check them out and begin a better gaming experience from today.