Online Slots

Offering a world of mystery, beguile, wonder and prizes, online slots, are a world away from real life for many players. They allow you to pick up jaw-dropping adventures, trail through the past to Ancient Egypt or tower over futuristic cities and planets, with hundreds of themes, the choice is yours.  Online slots are magically and they offer players a more surreal and imaginative path to betting online. Stick with us as we’ll take you through it all right here.

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18+, first deposit only. Deposits with Skrill, Paypal, Neteller and Paysafecard not eligible. Casino bonus: min. dep: £10, max. bonus £100. Free spins: Starburst only, no deposit required. Bonus/free spins winnings wagering requirement: x35. Max bonus bet: £5, can vary. T&Cs apply.

How to Play Casino Slots

online-casino-slotsWith thousands of slots to choose from, getting started is a daunting process and you will want to know your progressives from the classics, high volatility slots from the low and more importantly, which you like to play. There’s quite a bit to learn as you get going and it’s not just gaming guides, although knowing how to play bonus rounds and what to expect will certainly give you a leg up. You also need to be familiar with slot terminology and bets, strategy and, of course, know the best places to play online bets for real money.

Slots are a great casino game to get started with. They can potentially reach all types of audiences and unlike, other, more traditional casino games the rules are flexible leading to the games being adapted in many different ways. This means you’ll never get bored in the slots section of a casino. Slots are easier than other areas of the casino to get to grips with. All you need is a quick glance at the paytable, a demo run and you’re ready to hit the reels.

The most common way to spin Slots nowadays is via an online casino. This is where you’ll find the best tech, a range of games and most exciting options.  When it comes to picking your first slot, we recommend that you try one out using a free play option first and then bet for real money when you feel familiar and comfortable with the slot rules and gameplay.

When you’ve picked the right game, load up your chosen casino, log in and selected that slot, then:

First Step

Set your bet level: This wants to be at a sustainable level to enjoy playing for a while, but high enough to reap the rewards of the Slot’s paytable. You’ll find the paytable, most commonly, under an i icon. Click it and adjust your bet till you are happy with the prizes amounts shown. Each slot differs but you should be able to adjust the bet size by altering the coin size, paylines selected and bet per line.

Second Step

Click Spin: You can choose to control each spin or to set auto play and just watch the Slot go.

Third Step

Play Away: Keep playing till you hit your set limits or have achieved sufficient rewards!

Don’t forget if you are a new player the first time you play you can grab yourself an awesome welcome offer that means you will be playing for free or less and still win real money prizes (we’ll tell you more below!)

The Rules of Casino Slots

All the game rules can also be found under the paytable. The most important to look out for are:

Understanding Online Slot Bets

In all online slots, you will find the bet buttons somewhere on the main screen. Usually, running along the bottom. If the paylines are not fixed, you will be able to choose how many to pay for. You should always play all online slots as if the paylines were fixed at max. It is worth your investment to activate all reels and increase your chances of winning.

You will also be able to choose a coin size. When wins are calculated with slots the coin size is what the win is divided by if it is calculated in coins- this is usually the case for NetEnt. Other Slot software companies will have the paytable inbuilt to automatically reflect cash prizes at different bet levels as you adapt the bet like Microgaming and Play’n GO Slots. You may also be able to set the number of coins you bet per activated payline. Your total bet amount will then be shown on the online slot screen.

Understanding Slot RTP and Variance

When you start to read Slot reviews and dig a little deeper, you’ll come across some language that it is key to understanding online slots.

RPT: RTP means Return to Player, it is the average amount a slot pays out over a certain length of time and is an indication of the potential prizes on offer if you play.

Slot Variance/ Volatility: To put it in almost too simpler terms, Slot variance can also mean risk. Low variance indicates low risk and high, high. However, this does not affect the payouts. A low and high variance slot can both correctly payout at 96% RPT.  It, therefore, tells you more about the gameplay to expect and how you should expect to stake for the slot. Low variance online slots are better suited to smaller budgets and prizes tend to be smaller reflecting this. High variance online slots can eat money and will occasionally throw out huge wins, and often goods ones too.

Bonuses and Promotions for Online Slots

online-slot-machine-freeAs online slots are so popular in every casino across the world, there are always some fantastic promos to be found and more recently social gaming is being blended with casino promotions to create innovate new bonus ideas. There are loads of other types of promos that all players can take advantage of when it comes to playing free slots:

Welcomes Bonuses: as a welcome gift and to encourage you to make deposits casino will often offer matched deposit deals, where they match how much you are willing to deposit or a no deposit deal-a kind of sell your email address deal- jokes aside you do give your account details in exchange for some free casino credits. Often these are modest, but a great exchange nether-the-less. The casino hopes once you’ve signed up, you’ll soon release all the benefits of being their players and stick with them.

Free Spins: Free Spins are often added on to welcome bonuses and rolled out for many occasions. They are a hassle-free bonus to give and cost the casino very little.

Weekly promos: A lot of the most popular casinos will have a rewards structure for their regular players, whether this is loyalty cash backs, points or weekly promos keep an eye out for the happy hours, free spins and extra casino credits out there that mean you can spin online slots for free.

Royal Panda Terms And Conditions: 18+, first deposit only. Deposits with Skrill, Paypal, Neteller and Paysafecard not eligible. Casino bonus: min. dep: £10, max. bonus £100. Free spins: Starburst only, no deposit required. Bonus/free spins winnings wagering requirement: x35. Max bonus bet: £5, can vary. T&Cs apply. Terms & Conditions apply.

Tips and Strategies for Slot Machines

Online slots are each individual games, which is what makes them so darn exciting. Each release brings something new to the board. It is, therefore, important to take each slot you want to play for a trial spin first and think strategically about how you want to bet on the slot.

This will let you get a feel for how it plays and how you should bet to reflect the slot mechanics. This is the best strategy to give yourself an edge against the game and make sure you are playing at a level to reflect the average RTP.  For the new players out there it can be quite easy to make rookie mistakes when you first hit the casino floor, so practice first to ensure you don’t make any of them!

Slot Machine History

Slot machines are not new, they were invented all the way back in 1895 by a fellow called Charles Fey, but they have changed a heck of a lot with the dawn and eventual takeover of the internet. The Liberty Bell was the first slot. It was manually operated and where it all began, but it would be the first of many, in what seems an endless stream of new innovations and gaming ideas.The basic premise of a slot is that is has a number of reels, which have symbols printed on them, when a player bets and clicks spin the reel will mechanically roll around, until the spin finishes. If there are matching symbols when the spin finishes the computer software will tell you if you’ve made a win. Usually, this happens when you have 3 or more symbols falling in a certain pattern on the reel screen. The pre-decided patterns are called bet or pay lines and you can find out what they are for the slot you are playing under the pay table. Whilst early slots were rather simple affairs, the internet has meant the boundaries have been pushed and then knocked down as graphics and technology have improved as well as playing platforms and the math behind online slots.


How to Play Online Slots for Real Money

When you are ready to play online slots for real money, it is a pretty good idea to ensure you’re choosing to play at the best possible online casino for your needs.

Whether you want to start spinning for free or real money, make sure you have a great time on the reels and if a slot, software type or casino doesn’t work for you try a new one. Many of the online