Bingo 75

Like players all over the world, here at OBG, we are HUGE fans of Bingo 75. For us, it is one the most exciting variants of bingo purely because it allows you so many ways to win and you never know what is coming. It adds that unexpected twist to a thrilling game of online bingo and sets it apart from the rest. It’s not just the guys at OBG who are crazy about Bingo 75, all over the world millions of people are choosing this bingo variant; let’s jump in and find out why!

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How to Play Bingo 75 Balls

online-bingo-75-ballWe know it’s a little bit traitorous of us to turn our back on the classic British staple, Bingo 90, and pledge our allegiance to America’s favourite-Bingo 75, but we just cannot help ourselves and it is all because of the pattern madness. It adds that something extra special to the bingo variant and makes it a must play game.

To start playing Bingo 75 you’ll first need to log in to your best bingo site and buy one or more bingo cards. Next check the ways to win, or special patterns being used in this particular Bingo 75 balls game and wait for the bingo caller to start calling the numbers. Bingo 75 has, you’ve guessed it, 1-75 balls in play.

Each ball can only be called once (after which it is removed from the game) and when it is, if you have that number on your Bingo 75 card you need to daub it off or set the automatic daubing function on the bingo software.

The Bingo 75 Card Structure

You’ll notice as soon as you look at a Bingo 75 card that there is a big difference between this and other bingo cards, there is a star in the middle and the word BINGO written across the top. The card is a 5×5 grid with 25 squares and 24 numbers. Like all other bingo cards, it has an order, which knowing will help when playing.

Ways to Win Bingo 75

Let’s turn back to that all-important star square in the middle of the Bingo 75 card, it sits right in the middle of the card, in the N column and it is what allows players to create patterns and win Bingo 75. You may have been wondering until now, where is this twist we’ve been talking about. Well, this is it; there can be hundreds of ways to win jackpot prizes with Bingo 75.

They range from the standard:

To the innovative and unusual:

To those celebrating special events and times of the year:

Before you start playing Bingo 75 make sure you’ve checked what the winning pattern will be and that you know how to make it. Bingo 75 balls can get more confusing than other games, because it changes so much and the patterns are unlimited as long as they can be formed on a 5×5 grid.

Often, players lose Bingo 75 by forgetting to check the winning pattern or not knowing how to make it. The prize amount with Bingo 75 will depend on where you play, how many people are playing and the cost of the bingo cards so shop around in different bingo rooms to find the type of rewards you are looking for. You can find both set and progressive jackpot games with Bingo 75 balls.

Do You Need to Know Bingo 75 Patterns?

bingo-75-ballsThis is not a hard and fast rule of Bingo 75, but many players believe if you already know how to make many of the most used Bingo 75 patterns then you will play better as you will be faster to blot the patterns if your numbers are called thus meaning you’ll be the first winner.

However, this is only really an issue if you are self-daubing, but bear in mind if you don’t know what the pattern is and the computer is doing blotting your excitement may be less as you won’t be following the games progress. You should also take note of the fact that there are currently around 300 different patterns and studying them doesn’t seem like a whole lot of fun, so we recommend you take it easy, learn on your feet and pick them up as go along.

This way will be much more fun for you and is another reason to play. Just take note to always check the winning patterns before you play, we can’t stress this enough and don’t forget, if you want to spend some time practising before betting real money, you find out how to play bingo for free with OBG.

How to Pick the Right Bingo 75 Cards

Picking the right Bingo 75 card/s is always a top tip for winning more bingo games. When playing online bingo you are always recommended to pick bingo cards that have a range of numbers on them from 1-75. This is because bingo is a totally random game of chance. The online bingo software is created using a random number generator which draws the bingo 75 balls and this has been tested and certified as fair.

As you, therefore, cannot predict what numbers will be drawn, statistically the best option is to have a good range of numbers, as opposed to a Bingo 75 card that groups the numbers. When playing online bingo, if you are not happy with the first card shown you can select a new one.

Strategy Tips for Bingo  Online 75 Balls

  1. Play More Cards: When it comes to working out Bingo 75 strategy you need to keep in mind, that bingo is a totally random game. That doesn’t mean that you cannot up your winning odds and one of the main ways to do that is to buy more cards. Essentially, when you enter a game of bingo if each player has 1 card each, they all have an equal chance of being the first player to get a full house. However, if one player has 5 cards whilst everyone else has 1 they are 5x more likely to be the winner, got it? This is a great tip, but wield it with caution and consider the costs of each bingo card in relation to the jackpot. Don’t go wild with buying cards if the jackpot is only small as you will invest too much cash for a small prize that you may not even win.
  2. Play during Off-Peak Hours: Just as playing more cards will increase your chances of having the winning Bingo75 balls, playing during quieter times means less competition for a jackpot, and therefore, more chances that you will be the winner.
  3. Beware of Busy Progressive Jackpots: We love progressive jackpots, don’t get us wrong, but keep in mind that they attract the most players due to the size of the prize, which means more competition and more cards in play equating to less chance you will be the winner. Progressive jackpots are great fun, but they are not the be all and end all, so play around and invest in other prizes too, you may see more fortune.
  4. Know the Rules: Always know the rules of the bingo variant you are playing. Entering a game with checking the rules is the quickest way to lower your odds as you won’t know what you are doing and chance making avoidable mistakes!
  5. Play Promos: Promotions and bingo bonuses are a great way to play more for less and this increases your experience and amount of chances you get to win. Keep an eye out for the promotions with your bingo site as most are very generous and will have a good round of rewards weekly!
  6. Have Fun: people feel like they are winning more when they are having fun, Bingo 75 should be about having a great time playing online, so don’t forget to enjoy yourself!

Start Playing Bingo 75 Now

With OBG it’s now dead easy to pick your perfect bingo site. We’ve trawled the internet to select, rate and review the best sites out there and you can check them all with us. There’s no confusion or pandering to the industry giants with our no faff gaming guides, just great bingo recommendations. Start playing Bingo 75 right now with one of our recommended bingo operators, get on board, and find your perfect bingo bonus now.