Bingo Tips and Winning Strategies

Bingo is a notoriously hard game to strategise for and not for the reasons you may think. Unlike other online gambling games, it is not a game of particular skill or complexity, neither is it one that follows a mathematical pattern, but rather a game of complete luck and chance. This means bingo strategies that can help you win are more like handy player bingo tips and concentrate on increasing your chances of winning- playing the odds in a way that favours you.

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Bingo Tips: Understanding the Game of Chance

bingo-tips-strategiesMost successful bingo strategies focus on improving two areas; the way that you play and the way that you pick bingo cards. We’ll cover them both right here, so listen up and pay close attention as the OBG team is going to break down the best bingo strategies in our no faff, Bingo Tips Guide. We’ll help you know how to play and win more Online Bingo than ever before.

Bingo is played with 30-90 balls in use. They are randomly called (or when playing online a Random Number Generator, RNG is used to select balls) one at a time. The bingo cards are also created at random, assigning an equal, amount of numbers to each player.

Therefore, it is quite literally the luck of the draw as to who will win, which is achieved by the being the first player to complete lines or a house on the card from the balls that have been called. The RNG employed by a casino or bingo site is externally tested to ensure it gives a truly random result and cannot be predicted, therefore, ensuring the integrity of the game.

As such, there is no way to predict what balls will be drawn and in what order, even if players have the same numbers, they will be placed in different positions on the card meaning different winning times. According to the rules of Bingo, all the balls will all be drawn until a winner is reached, which makes Bingo a game of speed and competition as well as luck.

Bingo Online Tips: The Famous Strategists Granville and Tippet.

Just as with any other online gambling games, there are some big name, infamous strategies that you may have heard of, or will certainly come across in your search to become a better bingo player. Two of the most well-known are the Granville and Tippet Theories. We’re going to take a quick look at them both here.

The Granville Theory

Granville theorised that it is possible to identify patterns/make assumptions from the way bingo numbers are drawn. In all honesty, they sound a little simple but are made on sound logic. For example, when the game of 75-ball Bingo starts there is exactly a 75/1 chance of each ball being drawn, but as each ball is drawn, the odds get lower, reflecting the higher chance of the remaining balls being drawn. Granville drew the following observations from his calculations:

  1. There is usually an equal number of balls drawn that end in 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on.
  2. There will be a balance between the number of odd and even numbers picked.
  3. There will be a balance between high and low numbers drawn.

Again, this doesn’t sound like rocket science, but you can use it to guide you in how to buy cards. For example, if we follow the Granville Method you should buy cards with:

Essentially, you want a good spread of numbers on a bingo card.

The Tippet Theory

Tippet also embraced the random nature of Bingo and tried to apply some logic. He looked specifically at the 75-ball Bingo game and stated that as each bingo ball was called, there is a greater chance that the balls left/called next will be closer to the median- half way-, which in 75-ball Bingo is 38.

Meaning that games that take longer to play are more likely to be won with numbers close to the median range, whilst games that are won quickly, calling only a few numbers, will be won with numbers further away from the median, closer to the beginning or end of the available numbers say, 1-10 or 65-75.

Generally, this says if a game is longer you’ll want to pick a bingo card with more numbers in the median range and for shorter games, number nearer the lowest and highest end (notice this contradicts with Granville’s theory). The issue here, which is often highlighted by confused players who try the Tippet Theory, is how do we know how long a regular game of Bingo will take?

As 75-ball Bingo is also Pattern Bingo- if a pattern is employed you can apply this method as the difficulty of the pattern will allow you to take a guess at the game time. For easy patterns that will be made quickly- pick numbers at either pole. For more difficult patterns pick a bingo card that has a good range of numbers around the median.

Do Either of These Theories Work?Of the Granville and Tippet Theories, the OGB experts prefer the Granville game as it embraces the random nature of Bingo and offers solid suggestions. The fact that the Tippet Theory requires you to guess at the length of the game is problematic and often means players don’t yield much in terms of results when trying the Tippet Method. In reality you’ll do much better if you follow the OBG bingo tips below.

How to Win with OBG’s Big Bingo 5 Tips

We promised at the beginning of this article that we’d share some killer bingo tips to increase your game and winning chances. Whilst we can’t promise you that Tippet or Granville got it right, we are sure about these. Here are our top 5 ways of how to win at Bingo.

Tip 1

Bingo Tip 1: Pick Your Cards Carefully

As both Tippet and Granville highlighted, picking your bingo cards with care can increase your chances of winning so make sure you pick a spread of numbers from those in play.

Tip 2

Bingo Tip 2: Play the Odds: Buy more cards.

Bingo is all about increasing your odds, aside from the Tippet and Granville theories, there are other ways that picking your bingo cards is important namely- how many you buy. Let’s take a look at how tickets work. Say we have 10 players in a bingo room, each player buys only 1 ticket. In theory, each player has an equal chance of potentially winning the prize pot because each only has 1 ticket. But what happens if 1 player buys 3 cards? There are still 10 players who are potential winners, but 1 player has greatly increased their chances of having the winning ticket. Most winning bingo players follow this bingo tip, but they balance the cost of the card against the prize of offer and how many other people are playing to gauge how many cards they will buy for a particular game. Online Bingo software is designed to help you play a lot of cards at once- just activate the auto daub feature to help you keep up with the game.

Tip 3

Bingo Tip 3: Lower Your Competition

This hot bingo tip follows the same logic as the first point. With each player, competition increase for a single prize, so it is better to pick a quieter game to play. Let’s stick with the above example, except now there are 100 players, each with 1 bingo card- so now you only have a 1-100 chance of being the winner. If you pick games with fewer players you will, therefore, have a better shot at winning. Implementing this simple Bingo tip is easy, search for off-peak rooms, quieter playing hours, and less popular games- but be aware this may also affect the quality of prizes on offer. In line with this, you should also approach jackpot games with care. Every player wants to win, it’s why we play Bingo, that and the thrill of the game. Jackpots are really attractive but they also attract hordes of other players, seeking the same and buying multiple cards so consider the room you are playing in.

Tip 4

Bingo Tip 4: Make the Most Out of Bingo Bonuses and Promotions

Playing using bingo site promotions and bonuses will get you a better deal. Knowing how to make the most out of bingo bonuses is, therefore key. Bonuses will give you free cards, site credits, by one get one deals and much more. These will then allow you to play more for less of your own money or increase the number of cards you play in a game. Either way, they facilitate you to play more, which means extra chances of winning.

Tip 5

Bingo Tip 5: Practice Makes Perfect

Our last bingo tip is as old as time and all about experience. Knowing the rules of the game you are playing and being familiar with the software will make you a better player and more experienced players are in with more chances of winning. It eliminates the possibility of rookie mistakes and ensures you already know all the top tips of playing- like the ones we’ve given you above. Don’t forget to practice and explore the awesome world of Online Bingo with OBG. If you are a new player, make sure you take our site for a spin and learn about the different game variants and types before you play.

Advantages to Playing in a Bingo Room Online

With our top 5, Online Bingo tips, you’re sure to play Bingo better and win more prizes.  Did you know that playing Bingo Online has loads of other advantages which are making its popularity soar in the UK?

Not only can you pick up a game and play whenever you wish from any location, but you also get a greater range of games, prizes, promotions and lower card, Migrating to the net, has opened Bingo up to new tastes and budgets as well as adding extra functions to the original form that have added more thrills for players. From Bingo Chat Games to auto-daubing functions, Bingo has never been so enjoyable to play! If you’re looking for a new UK Bingo site, check out our top recommended sites for the best recommendations and bonuses or learn how to play Online Bingo for Free with OBG!