Bingo 80

Bingo 80 is sometimes underrated, squeezed out of the limelight on both sides by the huge popularity of Bingo 90 in the UK and Bingo 75 in the US. But fear not Bingo fans, we are here to shine a light and tell you exactly why you should be playing this spectacular bingo variant. Keep reading the OBG, no faff gaming guide for bingo 80, and by the end, we’ll even throw in some winning strategy tips that mean you will win more bingo.

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How to Play Bingo 80 Balls

online-bingo-80Just like with other variants of bingo, Bingo 80, is easy to start playing if you’ve never done so before. In fact, bingo is one of the easiest games to start playing if you’re new to online gambling and that is one of the reasons why so many pick it up and become avid fans.

Bingo 80 has a special following, preferred by those who find Bingo 90 cumbersome, but Bingo 30 too quick and Bingo 75 overly exotic if using patterns. Bingo 80 has 80 balls in play and to get going all you need to do is sign into your favourite bingo site and buy a Bingo 80 card. When the game starts the bingo caller will begin calling numbers at random and if you have the corresponding number you mark it off your card.

If you like to play more than one card at once to boost your chances of winning then you can set your Bingo 80 game to automatically daub the numbers off making it easier to keep track. To win Bingo 80 you need to be the first player in the game to:

Just make sure to check in with the game rules where you are playing as not all of these ways to win are always active in every game.

Bingo 80 Balls and Card Structure

Bingo 80 uses 80 balls, numbered 1 till 80, the card is made up of 16 numbers in a 4×4 square, with all spaces filled. The Bingo 80 card is ordered and colour coded as follows

How to Pick Online Bingo 80 Cards

Whilst Bingo is 100% a game of luck and chance there are certain ways that you can up your odds of winning and believe it or not how you pick your bingo cards is one of the most important. When you play online bingo you can select or reject bingo cards before you choose to buy one so make sure you take a few moments to carefully check what numbers are on your selected Bingo 80 card.

With Bingo 80 balls you want a wide selection of numbers on the card from 1-80. A bad bingo 80 card would be one where all the balls are clumped together, i.e. do not pick a card where the numbers are all congregated around the teens as it is really unlikely all of these numbers will be drawn early on in the game.

How Many Bingo 80 Cards to Play

Most players will play multiple cards during each game, why, because it increases their chances of being the first player to make the winning combinations or get a full house. The math on this one is easy, if there are 100 players in a Bingo 80 game, 99 players have 1 card each and 1 player has 10 cards, he has a 10 fold chance of being the winner. Go it?

More cards mean greater odds of winning. However, it’s not always the wisest move and you need to consider the costs of bingo cards and the ratio of the cost to the prize amount.  Using the example from before, let’s say the prize amount is £100 and the Bingo 80 cards cost £2 per card. That means the 10 cards would cost a whopping total of £20. In this case, we would not recommend buying multiple cards.

However, if the prize pot is the same and the cost of the tickets is 20p per card, a total of £2 for all 10, then buying multiple tickets is a great plan to try and win the £100. Think on your feet and always check the ticket costs and prize amount when buying Bingo cards.

Winning Tips for Bingo 80

  1. Know Your Game: The most important winning tip for any player is to ensure you know the game you are playing and the rules. You may be a bingo pro, but have you checked which ways to win are being used before you start to play a game of Bingo 80 with a new site? It sounds very basic, but you would be surprised how much you can boost your winnings by simply making sure you know how to play the game and the rules of the site you are playing with.
  2. Play for Promos: Promotions will help you to win more, because you’ll get more chances to play for prizes and get more for your money. Whether your chosen bingo site is offering by one get one tickets for certain games, matched deposit deals or happy hours, checking out their latest bingo bonuses is a strategy no player should miss out on! You can keep up to date via promotions pages, logging in, email newsletters and social media.
  3. Use Off-Peak Hours to Your Advantage: Off-peak hours are the quieter times at a bingo site, simply when fewer people are playing. This may be 2 am or 6 am, but you’ll find when fewer players are competing with you for a single prize pot, you’ve got a much higher chance of being the first player to make a full house and take it home.
  4. Up Your Odds and Play More Cards: but don’t forget, only if the costs are worth the prize pot!
  5. Compete Like a Champion: If you’re really into your bingo, why not take it a step further and join in competitions or tournaments your bingo site is running? Bingo sites love to turn up the heat and get players competing so you’ll regularly find leaderboards and competitions. The prizes and competition will provide you with plenty of winning opportunities whilst the experience will make you a better player.
  6. Join in with Bingo Chat Games to Win More Free Games: Bingo chat games give you the chance to win more via side games. Join in trivia or group style mini-games and you’ll soon win some free bingo tickets or credits.

What can I win with Bingo 80?

bingo-80-ballsAll Bingo games offer great potential for prizes and whilst they often will not blow you away as with other online gambling- like slot machines- bingo is much lower risk and for most of the people playing this makes is far more accessible and fun.

The prizes with Bingo 80 depend on where you are playing, how many other people have joined the room (for progressive games) and the cost of each bingo card (the higher the card costs the higher the prize, and vice versa). A typical Bingo 80 game can have anything from £1-10,000 as the prize pot.

Something to bear in mind is that due to Bingo 80s lower rate of players then say Bingo 90 and 75 the jackpot prizes are often lower as well. This is both bad and good news, depending on how you view it because as we keep stressing, fewer players going for a single jackpot increases your chances of being the first to finish your Bingo 80 card, but you won’t win as much. You may also find that due to the lower demand for the game, there are fewer bingo rooms offering it. You can check with us from our recommended best bingo sites which do.

Where to Play and how to Sign-up for Bingo 80

Bingo 80 is a variant not to be missed, it’s lively, high thrill and packed full of prizes.  Once you’ve taken it for a spin, it won’t be long before this is your new favourite type of bingo game. You can find out where to play Bingo 80 with the OBG bingo site reviews.

We’ve taken the top bingo sites online and thoroughly reviewed them to find out which are the best, take a look at our top list.  Signing up to any bingo site is easy, there will be simple steps to follow such as entering your name, email address and verifying your user account.

The site will guide you through it all, you can use the link provided in our reviews to start the sign-up process when you’ve chosen which is the best bingo site for you. Don’t forget to take advantage of the excellent welcome offers available to you as a new member!